About Rowan of the Wood

Award-winning fantasy by Christine Rose and Ethan Rose.

Cullen meanders through the redwood forest each day on his way to school with a book in his hands, losing himself in fantastic worlds of elves and fairies and wizards. He loves escaping to these magical lands because reality is not at all fun. Unpopular and younger than the other kids in his class, he suffers an existence of ridicule along with his two misfit friends Maddy and April.

But his life changes when he stumbles upon an ancient magic wand inhabited by Rowan, a powerful wizard. He inadvertently releases this wizard and finds himself possessed with a great power and an obsessive need to find a lost love.

Rowan and Fiana were separated on their wedding day, fourteen centuries ago. Rowan survives, trapped in time until a young boy releases him. Fiana uses dark magic to stay alive and young, continuously searching for her husband. Over the centuries, she descends deeper and deeper into the darkness, eventually giving up her search… until a young boy brings him back to her.

Release the Magic!